Jun 28, 2010

Monday Teaser

Hey everyone! Sabrina here, Happy Monday! Did you have a good weekend? I hope my good vibes of sunshine met you where ever you were! 
 I thought I would drop by and just give you a little peek at what Monday at the CrazyScraps Blog is going to look like...

Cute huh!  *evil giggle*... What do you all think?
OMG... I am so excited for all the stuff that is soon to hit this blog... It is going to BLOW YOUR MINDS!

But... I do have a question for you all.... What would YOU like to see happen here?
Any feedback would be great so that we can fit your ideas in before we launch!

I am beginning to wonder if there are any people who sit around scrapbooking all day... Like me?  We are still looking for 2 talented ladies or gentlemen to join our team! Don't be a scare-D cat... apply... you never know you may just love it!

Thanx Everyone... and as usual SCRAP CRAZY!


goatesgirl said...

I am the other one out there that sits around and scraps all day...and even get my kids in on the action...can't wait to see all the new stuff around here

Lynne said...

You are too funny!! I love the sneak peek LOL!
I would love to know what the followers would like to see too!
How about some fun creations, some totally awesome tutorials, some terrific giveaways...some funny stories..what is just coming on to the craft scene..LOL! Come on crafters let's hear your thoughts!

Emerald Jayd said...

Come on you Crazy Scrappers! Tell us what you want.... We can't read your minds you know... although THAT would be totally awesome!

Dawn said...

I love to share how to use products for different ideas, ie:tools for multi purposes,products in a new way. LOVE tutorials, even with simple steps to reference when you are trying out a new technique.
I also love to see new products, or techniques to share.
Love sketches especially if there is a twist added.
That's all I can think right now.
I don't know if I applied or not...maybe I should. I like to do all the things above.LOL
Excited to see what is coming.

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